Meet Blondee!

Culinary Lifestyle Expert

Blondee, a nationally known chef and personality for more than 20 years, is a mix of Marilyn and Lucy with a look that is just Blondee!

Blondee Taffeta Repose - photo by Steven Santana

Blondee Taffeta Repose – photo by Steven Santana

Blondee’s extensive background includes appearances on broadcast television, cable, radio, entertainment reporting, commercials, time in the modeling industry, in publishing, and on the internet. She has also been an executive chef, private and a demo chef ,an interior decorator, fashion coordinator, top seller in cosmetics and involved in real estate acquisitions. Her press coverage includes the New York Daily News, Chocolatier Magazine, Food Arts, Mr. Foods, Gourmet Magazine, Spotlight Magazine, as well as international press coverage.

Glamour is an attitude and being able to cook is a luxury … Blondee

Blondee is a celebrity chef at events and generously supports her favorite charities involving seniors and children. She has appeared on television affiliates throughout the country, including appearances on CBS’s Better Connecticut, for local and national TV, and on such networks as the Food Network and Discovery Channel and had her own show, Blondee Live! on EYada in New York. She was the sidekick on National Sports Radio, a radio personality in California and Las Vegas, guest chef on the Payoff Years radio show and NPR’s Everybody’s Cooking Show out of Cincinnati.

As a hotel and restaurant critic for the better part of a decade, she has profiled more than 200 chefs, hotels, and inns on her successful website in the 90’s and early 20000’s: Cooking and Traveling with Blondee. She has continued her traveling and reviews, now featured on Blondee Buzz along with her cooking and travel editorials at her successful lifestyle website,

Her first book, Blondee Glamour in the kitchen, is complete, and available online through The book highlights Blondee’s one-of-a-kind recipes and her unique ability to fuse cooking with glamour & humor (which she says is truly the best recipe!).

Blondee and her daughter, Briana, are collaborating on a second cookbook, focused on working out and preparing healthy food. Briana, a very successful personal trainer, joins Blondee in her goal to bring all women together who love to cook in pearls and diamonds,  folding in a splash of style and fashion, infused with their infections cooking comedy!